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Jagbir Kang is a motivational speaker, and an author from the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Aside from her career, Jagbir has been writing for several years and has shared many experiences through her blog. Now, she has completed her first book, Just One More Chance, a memoir that shares her story and how she overcame her own life challenges and two cancer diagnoses, through a combination of perseverance and persistence to discover her own purpose in life.

Jagbir still lives in California, with her two teenage sons and their two dogs, and in her free time enjoys baking, hiking, and traveling. Through writing about her experiences and teaching Yoga and meditation, she hopes to guide others towards the path of healing and looking after themselves. 


In her own words: “Together, let us find reasons to make our lives more appealing and fulfilling.  For me, it’s my two handsome boys and furry friends who keep me on my toes! What are your reasons?”

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